Great Deals On-Line For The Honeywell HFD 120 Air Purifier

Clear The Air With The Honeywell HFD 120 Air Purifier

Honeywell HFD 120 Air PurifierWith colder temperatures on the way in many parts of the country and allergies kicking into high gear, now is a great time to grab a Honeywell HFD 120 Air Purifier. This compact machine has a tower shape and is designed to clean the air in small to medium-size rooms. For those of you who don’t want to spend the money on the larger models, but still would like to tidy up certain rooms and have healthier lungs, this is a really great option. Backed up by the Honeywell name, it has many high performance features and convenient functions.

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Easy, Cost-Free Maintenance

air purifier towerOne of the most economical features of this air purifier tower is it’s cost free maintenance. The pre-filter is permanent and never needs to be replaced. This can definitely save you a lot of money down the road. Larger particles that may normally clog the purifier’s IFD filter are captured before they can damage or reduce it’s performance. This two-stage process is therefore very effective for persistent small particle cleaning of the air removing intruders such as household dust, pollen, cat dander, tobacco smoke, and mold spores. It also has an electronic filter-check indicator light to let you know when the pre-filter needs to be cleaned. Then you just vacuum or wash it and it is ready to use again!

99.97 percent of all airborne particles that pass through the purifier’s IFD filter are removed, so you can breathe clean, fresh air in your home or office space. It weighs only 13 pounds and measures 28.7 by 11.22 by 10.04 making it versatile and easy to place in any¬†area you choose.

Check Out What Some Satisfied Customers Of This Air Purifier Tower From Honeywell Have To Say:

R.Williams says…I ordered two units back in April and they’ve been operating 24 hours a day seven days a week without a single problem. Units are quiet but, best of all, have reduced the dust in the house dramatically! Now, I no longer have to dust constantly and my sanity is no longer at risk! Wonderful product!!!!!!!

Alex From Brooklyn agrees…All around GREAT product!!! Completely quiet!!!! Leaves air fresh, lessens the amount of dust, takes away cat and smoke odors. funny smell the first couple of days, but that goes away. I am so happy that I choose this air purifier. Worth every dime!

And finally Thanh Tran from Seatle shares these comments…For a person that has bad allergies like me, it feels great that I dont have to dust as much plus theres a light that will turn on to remind you to clean the filters, YES that right, the filters are all washable which means you’ll never need to buy new filters ever! If you have allergies, pets or kids, this is a great investment!

Pros And Cons

I could only find a few negatives relating to this product, and in my effort to give you an honest review, here they are. Some people say there is an odor when you first start to use this machine. While this can be disturbing, most consumers agree that the smell goes away after a couple of days. Also, there are varying opinions about the noise it makes when running, but the most common is that it sounds very similar to a fan running. Additionally, there are different speeds to set it on so you can find the one that best suits your environment.

Overall, we think the Honeywell HFD 120 Air Purifier tower is a really great product for people or families that desire cleaner air and healthier lungs in areas up to and around 186 square feet. The price is very reasonable and affordable for most and some even buy multiple units rather than one large machine to focus on the most occupied areas of their home. I personally like to run it in my office while I’m working throughout the day and find that I’m definitely not sneezing as much as I used to. Once again, Honeywell delivers!

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