The Honeywell 18155 SilentComfort Air Purifier

The Honeywell 18155 Delivers Clean Air For less Cost

Honeywell 18155

Honeywell 18155

The Honeywell 18155 Air Purifier is a fantastic unit for those needing cleaner, fresher air, who don’t want to spend the big bucks on the larger models available. This high-speed, ultra-quiet machine can handle small to medium size rooms up to around 197-225 square-feet, or areas that are approximately 15’x 15′ in size, to look at it another way.

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This unit uses a True HEPA filter, which is considered the best and most effective for removing dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke from the air. It even takes care of cat dander as well. Additionally, this Honeywell air purifier helps reduce airborne germs, bacteria, mold spores and fungus with up to 100% efficiency. Those who suffer from allergies or other respiratory ailments can certainly breath easier as a result.

Clean And Fresher Smelling Air

Air Pollutants In The Home

Air Pollutants In The Home

There is also a second filtration system on the 18155 which is a carbon pre-filter. This enables the machine to keep larger particles from clogging the HEPA filter, and also reduces some household odors. The 3-speed fan is considered by most to be very quiet, and since the air in the room where this machine is operating is fully processed once every 12 minutes, you can definitely feel a difference when you leave and come back.

In addition to saving money on the very reasonable cost of the SilentComfort, you also benefit by never having to replace the permanent HEPA filter. It just needs to be cleaned about twice a year, on average, and a handy Intelli-Check indicator lets you know when to do this.

Another feature that users of this air cleaner appreciate is it’s no-draft technology, which allows the machine to operate without chilling the air in the room. This is certainly helpful in the winter months!

I have found many positive reviews on this product, here are just a few:

Jen from Texas says…”I bought this air purifier because my infant was showing signs of allergies – sneezing, rubbing her eyes, etc. Within an hour of turning on this filter, everyone in the household stopped having sneezing fits and our baby doesn’t have red, itchy eyes anymore. I’m amazed by how well it works. The unit is really quiet.”

And James E. reports…”Only had the unit about a week. It works as advertised. My spouse’s allergies are very reduced allowing her to sleep better…”

E. Volkova happily admits…”I have it in a room much larger than the intended square footage for this unit, but it still wonderfully takes care of my kids cat allergies. I was not sure if we’d be able to keep our new kitty, but after buying this air purifier I know that the cat is here to stay.”

A Few Cons

The only negative comments I read on this product seem to be very minor in relation to all it has to offer. Some people feel this machine is too big, but yet others claim it is easy to move from room to room. I guess this will vary on the individual. Likewise, some say it is loud, but the majority of reviewers seem to agree that the SilentComfort from Honeywell works as advertised, quietly and efficiently.


Overall, we feel that the The Honeywell 18155 SilentComfort Air Purifier is a really good investment if you’re looking for a powerful yet inexpensive unit from a trusted company in this field. It is comparable to the 50250 model also offered from Honeywell.

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