Why Purchase A Honeywell 50250 Air Purifier?

The Honeywell 50250 Air Purifier Is Reliable And Trusted

The Honeywell 50250 Air Purifier is one of their best-selling models. There are many positive reviews from satisfied customers who use this appliance to breathe clean, fresher air in their home or office.

It is most suitable for small to medium sized rooms up to 390 square feet in size and is one of the most powerful air purifiers in this price range making it a great value for your investment.

Honeywell 50250

Honeywell 50250

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Honeywell is a trusted supplier of air purifiers and many of their models are recommended by doctors for those with respiratory problems or illness.

All of the current editions of the 50250 feature the True HEPA filter which is capable of effectively removing 99.97 percent of common airborne pollutants, even ones as tiny as 0.3 microns. This can cover everything from dust, pollen, mold spores, tobacco smoke, and pet dander.

Many families with young children like to place this appliance in rooms where their kids sleep and play to protect their sensitive lungs and developing respiratory systems.

Better Health For You And Your Family

Better Health For You And Your Family

When this unit is operating on a regular basis inside your home, the first thing you will probably notice is less dust when doing your regular house cleaning activities.

If you normally wake up feeling congested or sneezing, this condition should no longer bother you when you run this air cleaner while you sleep. It has 3 speeds which will allow you to pick the one that is best for you.

The models that have replacable filters are inexpensive and you can easily find them locally, but True HEPA filters don’t need to be replaced and only require a vacuuming at least twice a year.

I recommend that you do this maintanence outside on your porch or patio, because you certainly don’t want all those particles being dispersed back into the air inside your home.

The Honeywell 50250 Versatility

TheĀ Honeywell 50250 is a rather large machine measuring 18 by 18 by 19 inches, but has a handle on top which makes it easier to move around.

With its unique, circular design, this unit is very efficient because it sucks the air in from all around it. You can place it wherever you like in different rooms throughout your home.

The lower price some people are even able to buy one for upstairs and another for downstairs, but that is entirely dependant on your personal situation.

The glass-fiber HEPA material in this air purifying unit also can remove airborne particles such as viruses and bacteria without the use of other treatments and chemicals. It seems to be a fantastic choice for allergy sufferers everywhere.

More Great Features

Inside The 50250

Inside The 50250

Odor causing organic compounds are broken down by activated carbon. The 50250 has an activated carbon pre-filter to help remove some common household odors.

It additionally aids in extending the life of the HEPA filter. With this helpful component, the air you breathe will not only be clean and pure, but oderless as well.

The downside is you will need to replace this filter often to maintain its effectiveness (about every 3 months on average), but a handy light display tells you when to do this.

New activated carbon filters are cheap, normally around $12, and easy to locate in most towns or on-line. Sometimes you can get a better deal buying a bigger pack.

The motor, which is the most functional part of the machine, is covered by a 5-year limited warranty. If any filters become damaged you will have to replace them on your own, so it’s helpful to handle them carefully.

The clean air delivery rate (CADR) of this unit is as follows:

  • 250 Pollen
  • 250 Dust
  • 250 Smoke

I should now point out some negatives:

  1. Because of its rather large size, some people find it a bit awkward or heavy to move around.
  2. If your eyes are sensitive, the lights on this unit may be too bright for you. This can be resolved simply by covering them up with a piece of tape.
  3. Some people find the style unappealing, but this is just a matter of personal taste.

I will conclude by pointing out what I think are the most positive aspects of the Honeywell 50250 Air Purifier:

  1. It’s not really that noisy, in fact, it is very similar to the sound of an air conditioner. The white noise can be soothing to some.
  2. It’s a great choice for anyone seeking a high level of purification for small to medium sized rooms.
  3. This is one of the best air purifiers in its price range.


The air you breathe in your home plays a very important role in you and your family’s health. When you are breathing clean, purified air you will sleep better, have more energy, and generally just “feel better”.

The Honeywell 50250 has helped many and can be an excellent addition to your home. I have tried to give you as much information as possible in this article so that you can make a well-informed decision on whether or not to purchase this unit. I hope you found it useful. Take care and be well!